RBC Race For the Kids 2023

Saturday |February 4, 2023|8:00 am- 5:30 pm|With After-race Carnival 

West Kowloon Cultural District

Greener RBC Race For the kids

RBC Race for the Kids is calling on all participants to be a green runner

Here are some other simple tips for you!

  • Green Step 1: Enrollment and find event information online, save more trees!
  • Green Step 2: Where possible, take public transport, walk, run or ride a bike, don't drive
  • Green Step 3: Bring your own reusable bottle
  • Green Step 4: Drop your recyclable items to our recycling bins provided at the venue


We aware of the impact that RBC Race For the Kids has on our environment, and have initiated a series of measures to create a much greener event, including:

  1. Event handbook in E-version
    RBC Race For the Kids is able to continue its commitment to green computing, providing users with more information while reducing wastes
  2. Reusable/washable race and goody bags
    We will only provide one race bag for one family, one less bag to the landfill! We highly recommend you arrive at our race pack collection with your own bag
  3. Reduce disposable packaging
  4. Recycling bins will set up at the site areas on race day​