RBC Race For the Kids 2020

Sunday |December 6, 2020|8:00 am- 12:30 pm

Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village, Hong Kong


Category Timed Run



Target Participants

Individuals aged 12 or above with running experience

(born in 2007 or before)

Baggage Storage


Start Time


Race Format


Race Categories

Male aged 12-19

Female aged 12-19

Male aged 20-29

Female aged 20-29

Male aged 30-39

Female aged 30-39

Male aged 40-49

Female aged 40-49

Male aged 50-59

Female aged 50 or above

Male aged 60 or above

Entry Fee (HKD)


$ 180 per person

With MJN Invitation Code

$ 150 per person

RBC friends and Family $ 150 per person

Hong Kong BGCA Member

$ 150 per person

Timed race runners must arrive at the starting area at the designated time. Failure to do so may result in disqualification

To minimize disruption to other road users, the 5km timed race is limited to 1 Hour. If participants cannot complete the race within the time limit, our marshals will guide the participants to leave the course and return to the carnival.


5km Timed Race Route